About Us


Velur spa&relax was opened as a business in April 2007 with a purpose over a hundred years tradition of body cleansing and mind regenerating to be welcomed even in Tirana, Albania

As far as the tradition goes,relaxing and de-stressing starts from body detoxifying below the temperature 35-40 grade Celsius and is followed by a variety of body massages and treatments. With bio products and a full staff of professional people ,we guarantee you an unforgettable service quality which is going to welcome you back in our Spa.
Velur Spa is a true place which you will find and discover everyday that our exclusivity is found by people who love taking care of themselves.

The ethics of the Spa
We advise you to come 15minutes prior to your appointment. This gives you the possibility to enter, get prepared and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea. Your treatment includes a free consultation with the therapist, your “to do list” when you get home so you can maintain your treatment results even at home.

Your comfort

Your esthetician or massage therapist will advise you what to wear during your treatment so you will feel comfortable, – we offer you a nice robe,a pair of disposable underwear and slippers. Please don’t forget to let the therapist know if you don’t feel comfortable by any means.Please respect other clients tranquility and privacy turning off your cell phones or talking with a lower voice as we called it “The spa voice” in the whole spa facility.

Cancellation policy of the appointments.
We know that “the time” of our clients is treasured and in the same time we expect you to do the same thing. You have to cancel your services 3 to 4 hours before your actual appointment. If you are running late please understand that your service time will be cut short.

The needs during your services.
For your safety and your high comfort please let us know if you’re treated or followed up by a doctor or a therapist. Especially inform us if you are pregnant or allergic of different products so we can provide you the right service by your needs. All the “Sothys products” that we apply are appropriate for men and women in a such personalized way. They are not allergic and depending on your needs,the treatments can change from visits to visit.

Gift certificates.
You are welcomed to purchase a gift card for a treatment only, for a full package of services,or for a certain value of money as you wish. You can purchase your gift only by coming to Velur Spa to pick up your gift certificate. The gift card it expires after 3 months on the day you purchased. Loosing your gift card can not be replaced.

Our staff
Our staff is a very professional and working experienced in different countries of the world. Our communicative staff and passionant for their job,has only one big priority, satisfied clients with a wonderful relaxed body and silky skin.

Reservation Policy
We recommend you to book 24 hours in advance, so you can have your service in the day,time, therapist of your needs. We can call you prior to confirm your appointment. You will be asked for your information during your call when u book your services.

Please contact us in 042222550 to book your services in your needs and we will inform our detailed location.

Types of payments
You can pay cash or debit/credit card by POS.