Our manicures and pedicures are specialised therapeutic treatments that encourage healthy nails and skin.

1.Pedikyri spa 60min 2500 leke

Is a terapeutic treatment that remove dead skin cells, treats the rough and problematic skin and also takes care for the shape and health of your toenails.

2.Pedikyr Ekspress 30min 1300 leke

The quick fix for your toes includes nail trimmed, filed and shaped, then cuticles are pushed back before polish application. A moisturizer cream is applied to the feet for deep hydration.

  • Pedikyr spa dhe Refleksologji  80 ‘ 4000 leke
  • Pedikyr spa dhe manikyr xhel Cnd Shellac 3500 leke
  • Manikyr Spa  50’ 1800 leke
  • Trjatim spa i duarve dhe lyerje me Cnd Shellac 2200 leke
  • Manikyr Spa dhe refleksologji per duart 70 ‘
  • Manikyr Ekspres 20’ 1100 leke
  • Manikyr Cnd Shellac 1900 leke
  • Lyerje e thjeshte 600 leke
  • Lyerje french 800 leke
  • Thonj me xhel 75’ – 2700 leke
  • Thonj me xhel + Tipsa 90’ – 3300 lek