DR. GRANDEL MEN Revitalizer


Smooths and invigorates the skin and has a calming effect on irritated skin. 50 ml

DR. GRANDEL Men Revitalizer Fluid is a stimulating fluid that immediately makes the skin look fresh. This fluid activates the microcirculation and other skin functions, invigorating the complexion thanks to the use of caffeine in the formulation. In addition, skin relaxing peptides relax the facial muscles and visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles. They also help to prevent premature aging signs caused by repeated facial movements. Furthermore, this fluid enhances the overall appearance of the skin through its refractive pigments. This gives the skin a gentle shimmer for a more luminous skin. Additionally, the optical effect of these pigments hides irregularities contributing to a more harmonious complexion. Lastly, dragon tree extract, a plant from the milkweed family, has a strong calming and anti-inflammatory effect thus making this fluid suitable to be used after shaving. Perfect for men who want a more youthful appearance, this lightweight fluid provides anti-aging benefits over time.

INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: Caffeine, Dragon tree extract.

APPLICATION: Apply DR. GRANDEL Men Matt IQ Cream to the face, neck, and décolleté to clean skin. Use in the morning and evening.