Sothys Face Concentrated Serum

The ideal intensive complement to the Light cream and Protective cream to help balance skin with fragile capillaries.

A highly efficient concentrated formula : the polyphenols of mint and hazel leaves are associated to a polyphenols complex (bilberry, lemon, butcher’s-broom) with proven regulation (facilitated microcirculation, resistance of reinforced walls, diminution of vessel’s permeability), protection, immediate soothing (anti-heating, freshness effect) pro­perties.
Clarté et Confort line.

Skins with fragile or broken capillaries need a global regulating, soo­thing and protecting action. The Sothys answer : Clarté & Confort, a complete skin care line with natural polyphenols to improve comfort and to attenuate patches of redness.

Result : a uniform and relaxed skin.