Sothys Face Regenerative Solution

Universal treatment (serum/mask) to hydrate ultra-weakened skin.

This product is fragrance-free and colourant-free, it is suitable for the face as well as other areas of the body that may be affected.

Efficiency clinically proven by dermatologists on skin that has undergone a dermo-aesthetic procedure.


The SOTHYS COSMECEUTIQUE range has been formulated to help skin that has been temporarily weakened by cosmeceutical techniques in institutes, aesthetic medicine procedures admi­nistered by a dermatologist or aesthetic surgery procedures to restore its natural balance*.

 * Products in the Sothys COSMECEUTIQUE range are cosmetics. They may be applied or recommended after a dermo-aesthetic procedure (medical intervention or cosmetic surgery), if the skin is in good condition and undamaged, and only after seeking medical advice.


Soothing and moisturizing action from the first application in 97% of cases**.
Reduction in cutaneous dryness, sensations of discomfort and tightness : 52%**.