Sothys Face Soothing SOS Serum

This fluid serum is ideal for quickly neutralizing permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limiting their appearance.

For sensitive skin: THE serum for sensitive skin all year long.
For sensitized skin: an effective SOS serum, as soon as skin is in need of immediate soothing.

This product can be used in addition to the usual cream when skin is temporarily sensitised or experiencing a sensitivity “peak”.

At the heart of the Belgian Ardennes is a natural spring water with prodigious benefits. Since the 16th century Spa™ Thermal Water* has been recognised and used by thousands of spa visitors.

Sothys Advanced research ensures the benefits of this exceptional water can be enjoyed by the most fragile skin: naturally sensitive and temporarily sensitised** skin.

Fragrance free, the Spa™ Thermal Water* line has been specially formulated to provide sensitive skin with formulas that have the utmost respect for its fragile nature.


 * Marie-Henriette natural mineral spring water from protected environment.
** sensitised skin = skin that is occasionally sensitive


85% satisfaction after 8 days : Acts like a “cosmetic plaster”.*
90% satisfaction after 15 days : the skin is less sensitive to aggression.**