Sothys Men Energising Face Cleanser

Daily cleanser to free the skin of impurities in a single step.

Gentle daily scrub: with its non-aggressive exfoliating rhyolite particles, this cleanser offers

2-in-1 action for gentle daily cleansing. Skin is better prepared for shaving and skincare application.


For men, beauty is like sport… There are several categories:

  • Beginners, who use the strict minimum in terms of cosmetic products,
  • Fans, who use men’s cosmetic products, but also borrow products from the women in their lives…
  • Pros, who use the most innovative products for an irreproachable look.

No matter what category they belong to, all men are subject to stress, fatigue, pollution and shaving… Their skin is put to the test. To protect skin from daily environmental stress, Sothys has specially developed effective targeted care products enriched with volcanic rock* for detoxified and energised skin.

* liquid extract of volcanic rock.