Rituali tradicional i hammamit

The tradition of the Turkish bath extends far back, to a time before Turks had reached Anatolia. Over the centuries this tradition was modified by the Roman Baths, becoming a traditional Turk ritual. The gradual warming of the body under a temperature of 40 C, with warm and cold water flowing endlessy, softens the skin and opens the pores, followed by skin peeling.

Through this process, the dead cells are removed leaving the skin to be completely cleansed. Followed with relaxing foam massage by turkish soaps. The foam massage and the classic aroma of Turkish soap will give you a peace feeling.


6700 L / 64 €

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Deluxe hammam

While lying on the hot marble of the hammam, in a soothing light, among the sounds of soothing water, experience the most luxury treatment of the hammam. This treatment includes the exfoliation of the skin with the traditional hammam mitt ( Kese ‘), relaxing massage with Turkish soaps, hair wash with rose petals and at last 30 minutes of relaxing massage with our organic Velur body butter.

This two hour of treatment will give you a real sense of re- birth.


9000 L / 86 €

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Peeling trupi në hammam

Exfoliation with the traditional Hammam mitt (Kese’) is the first treatment of Turkish hammam, this process cleanses the skin from dead cells and detoxifies the body, leaving you with a completely clean and radiant skin.


3500 L / 34 €

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Masazh me shkumë

Surrounded by warm marble where the body is completely covered with soap bubbles, relaxing massage
with light pressure on medium will make you feel like in the clouds.


4000 L / 38 €