Face Treatments

  1.    1.Trajtim i personalizuar Sothys ✅

    40 min– 4000 leke

    A situable treatment for all skin types with a personalized selection of Sothys products,  will give you a healthy and lively skin.

    2.Trajtimi i plote me pastrim te thelle ✅

    60-90 min – 4500 leke

    This introductory facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy, clear complexion. A customized selection of Sothys products addresses the current needs of your skin. Thorough cleansing followed by the application of an ampoule and treatment mask refresh the skin while a relaxing facial massage helps alleviate stress and provides a sense of wellness.

    3.Men’s Essential ✅

    50 min – 7500 leke

    Created to answer the needs of a man’s skin; this energizing deep cleansing treatment combines volcanic rock to detoxify the skin and hyaluronic acid to replenish. An exclusive and tailor made solution for men featuring a scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage to induce immediate relaxation.

    4.Eye Contour Multi-Action Treatment✅

    30min – 3000 leke

    This refreshing & anti-aging treatment addresses the concerns of the eye area. Vitamin and Hyaluronic enriched serum coupled with a relaxing eye massage using chilled porcelain spoons brings immediate relief to tired strained eyes and helps improve the appearance dark circles. A fresh tensor gel mask and eye smoothing patch diminish puffiness and provide an instant lifting effect.

    5.Correcting Facial ✅

    A specific treatment for oily, problematic acne & blemished skin. Concentrated formulas featuring tea tree oil, healing essential oils and glycolic and salicylic acids offer multi-benefits to help reduce oil, absorb impurities, exfoliate, soothe and balance the skin.Soothing and refreshing mask for deep pore cleasing will give you a calm skin and noticeable improvements after the first treatment.

    6.Peeling resurfacant ✅

    A detoxifying and oxygenating treatment to refine your skin’s texture and restore a healthy glow. A powerful and effective double exfoliation using semi–precious ruby & sapphire crystals along with a glycolic and salicylic peel complemented by an oxygenating mask to unveil for a smoother, softer and brighter complexion.

    7.rajtimi me frutat e stines ✅

    Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons.  In order to offer the skin all the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, Sothys introduces two yearly Seasonal Facials.  Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal care combines a cocktail of original active ingredients and memorable fragrances to create a perfect environment in tune with nature.

    8.Hyaluronic ✅

    The luxurious treatment with Hyaluronic Acid Triple is specially designed to meet the hydration needs of all skin types! The treatment has a special six-phase protocol, with Digi-Estétique’s exclusive modeling techniques and the latest generation of active ingredients.